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My Approach

As a scientist-practitioner, I provide clinical services and actively engage in research. My clinical work is anchored in research in order to make sure that I provide effective treatment to benefit my clients. I work under the umbrella of cognitive and behavioral therapies, but take an integrative approach that incorporates different therapeutic elements, depending on what would benefit the client the most. My approach is also anchored in humanistic psychology, where I attempt to see the world from the client's point of view and view psychological treatment as a partnership and a journey toward a common goal.


In terms of neuropsychological assessment, I utilize research-based reliable tests and adhere to best practice standards and guidelines. In addition, my neuropsychological work is informed by my own research focusing on the interactions between neuropsychology and psychological problems. Together with my clinical experience conducting neuropsychological assessments in a variety of populations, and my experience in psychological and neuropsychological rehabilitation, I am able to conduct accurate and reliable assessments and integrate information about cognitive functions and psychological problems, and be able to provide clear recommendations. 


I also have specific clinical and research expertise in the neuropsychological assessment of adult ADHD, including research on the feasibility of ADHD assessment using computerized neuropsychological test batteries, the impact of exercise on ADHD symptoms, comparative neuropsychological profiles of ADHD and OCD, and intrusive thoughts in ADHD. Together with my extensive experiences in the treatment of adult ADHD I am able to provide reliable neuropsychological and clinical assessments and effective treatment for ADHD.

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