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Couples & Parents

Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy is an effective intervention to aid couples that are seeking to improve their relationships and well-being. Couples who seek couple therapy usually experience frustration as a results of pattern of behaviors that cause distress to one or both people. One or both partners may feel distant, that they cant communicate effectively, that they harbor resent they feel hard to contain, or that that their voice is unheard. Under the umbrella of evidence based cognitive-behavioral approach, together with other module-based approaches, my experience in couple therapy is that many problems that may be viewed as difficult to untangle can be resolved in couple therapy, and the tools that the couple receives allow them to continue to adaptively work on their relationship in a way that promote well-being and growth to both partners.


Some of the reasons that motivate people to seek couples therapy are:

1. Feeling distant.

2. Problematic (or lack of effective) communication patterns.

3. Feeling unheard.

4. Problem adjusting to changes in life circumstances (such as children leaving home, or illness).

5. Difficulties with intimacy.

6. Persistent negative communication patterns (such as frequent quarrels and shouting).

7. Work life balance issues.



Parent Training

While being one of the most rewarding lifelong roles, parenting is a dynamic, complex, challenging, and emotionally charged process, that is influenced by multiple factors.


Unfortunately parenting does not come with a manual, and most parents engage in a more 'instinctive' parenting style that may be heavily influenced by the parents' own childhood experiences. However, children and parents are operating in a very different environment  than when they were children. To add to that, the unprecedented access to online information of different quality may be very confusing to parents. These challenges are enhanced in cases where children suffer from psychological problems such as ADHD. 


Parent Training, also called Behavioral Parent Training (BPT), or Parent Management Training (PMT), is a form of effective therapy that has been backed by ample research. Since parent-child interactions are bi-directional, the goal of parent training is to address behavioral and emotional problems, and negative atmosphere at home. The impact of such treatments often results in improvement in the child's behavior, reduced parental stress, and improvement in household atmosphere. Parent training can address issues with lack of boundaries, screen time, noncompliance with requests or chores, as well as addressing issues that are specific to developmental age. Naturally this treatment addresses more problematic behaviors, especially in cases where there are more complex psychological issues in the family. This type of treatment is not limited to a specific age, and parents may benefit from training even if the issue pertains to adult children, and grandchildren.

My expertise in working with parents to resolve such problems, including specific expertise working with parents of children with developmental problems such as ADHD, allows me to work with parents to quickly identify the major problems to target, and to formulate specific effective interventions to facilitate change. 

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